Hassle-Free Payment and Reward

    Great Service with Hassle-free Payment!

Call us to schedule a ride for you or your loved ones. You have several payment options, which includes being invoiced via email.

If you’re running low on cash or you don’t want to give some stranger your card information over the phone, we can accommodated!

Our rewards program is easy to join and simple to follow

Yes, our rewards program is very easy to join and simple to follow. How simple is it?  Ride with us 10 times and your 11th ride is free-(yes, it is that simple) no hidden fees or restrictions. Set-up a charge account for your student – Parents nor child have to worry about having a safe and reliable ride, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. No trip is too long or short for our 15 passenger van, private car or shuttle bus service. Book us for groups or individuals to attend: spring break (for the duration of spring break), need a ride to away games (with pregame tailgating), how about for the weekend or a few week day (just because you deserve a break). Give us a call for all your traveling needs.

Our company offers the great advantage of the parental aspect, which is another one or the rewards you get by choosing us. This is something all parent look for when choosing a company for most of their families’ endeavors. We understand the expectations and concerns parent have for their children with ANY service provider. Daniels will not recklessly transport anyone in an effort to save time and make a quick buck. Your priceless cargo is worth more to us than cab fare.   Hours of operation are 24 hours a day, everyday; because we are dedicated to being the most reliable transportation service. Call us today! (662) 816-9626


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